What is a Mobile Spa?

What if you could invite some of your best girl friends over and enjoy the time together as you each received spa services.  Sitting around a table with food and beverages, music playing, stories and laughing.  While at the same time, spa workers pamper you with an aromatic foot soak, softening hand treatment and massage from neck to fingertips.

Sound inviting?  Well, after 26 years of giving therapeutic massages, I wanted to venture into something new.  I began Revive Me Mobile Spa and have had the privilege to be part of some fun and wonderful groups of ladies.  Friends who just want to do something different; bridal parties looking for a way to release some of the pre-wedding tension; women’s groups who want a way to connect and grow their relationships in an enjoyable and pleasant way, will all find the mobile spa a delightful benefit.

We all need to find ways to keep harmony within ourselves, with our friends and those we enjoy being around and with life itself.  I’m sure you’d agree that life can be so intense and serious that it’s more than necessary to find ways to alleviate both of these.  Here’s something new that I know you’ll enjoy.  You and your group will relax, have fun and connect on a new level of your relationships.

If you live in the Orange County area of California, and would like to schedule Revive Me Mobile Spa for your event, or make an event just for this experience, contact me.  We can talk about the amount of guests and the amount of time for the event.  I would love to connect with you and be of service.   To get started, fill out the contact form below, I’m looking forward to hear from you.  Gina T.

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About Whole Life Skills - Whole by Design

Peer Counselor, 20 years; Massage Therapist, 26 years; Life Coach, 4 years; Experience in Alternative Health and Wellness, 20 years. Mother of 5 sons, 2 daughters; Jr. High Leader, 3 years; Teen Mentor, 10 years.
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